Thursday, March 27, 2008

How often do we jump into conclusion and how healthy is this?

Thank you all for your honest opinion/comment on the last post, most of the comment took new angles that I couldn’t help agreeing to…..mostly.
I have been away, far away to my home town and I tell you this, mr. laptop refused to function, well not exactly, I messed up my internet provider big time.

How often do we jump into conclusions and how healthy is this?

Its something we all do especially the female folks, it comes easily, little suspicions here and there and with our all-purpose judgment, we conclude and most times these conclusions of ours borders on the assumed facts we ve gathered or having been gathering which probably is or was as a result of one or two slips from our spouses, friends and even family.

Most times, circumstances make our assumptions almost right and if care is not taken we act on these false assumptions and most often than not we reject the truth even when its staring straight on into our face.

Have you ever been in a situation where you find that you have all the facts or say almost all the facts that point an accusing finger at someone?
This someone could be your friends, family or spouse?
Before you take that action of yours please take a moment and do these------

ask yourself if your assumptions are just coincidence, what if its just a play of chance?
consider all the various angles to the issue on ground
give the person a benefit of doubt
imagine yourself in the same position and what you would have done
don’t go attacking without hearing the person out , be sure of your facts, take time to reconfirm them before you take a decision

Some of the scenarios that arouse your suspicions and jump you into conclusion:

you call up your spouse…almost at odd time and or she is not picking…….killer one I tell you…lol
you were suppose to hang out or go out and he or she is no where to be found.......
you call his or her line and a stranger picks up…….
you call and the line is switch off ,..,….when it ought not
the list is endless

a thousand and one reasons may be given for the above scenarios and of course our suspicions may be CORRECT but most times they areWRONG,
Relationships and marriages greatest killer …..Suspicion.

well all am trying to say here is that we take our time in handling these kind of issues as sometimes we may just have a false alarm, take your time to hear people out without sounding suspicious and you never can tell what info they will drop….eventually for your use.

So have you ever been in a situation where you could ve sworn you were CORRECT (your suspicions) but end up being WRONG?

Share with us please?

Ms. Emotions

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Respect will always love but love will not always respect!! !

Interesting comments I got from the last post, like I had expected , opinions differs as we humans differs but on this particular issue we have to attain a common ground …its either its love or respect, like u can’t be a man and woman at the same time no matter how sweet it is being both

Every relationship and even marriage requires an ingredient that I term a must have, u know like some fashion items that we ladies call “a must have”, u don’t have it then u don’t belong to the ‘us’ club so also is this ingredient and like I have always said any and every thing I mention here on this blog dose not and will never be the only key to a successful relationship however, its role in enhancing the relationship can never be over emphasized.

RESPECT is the must have in every relationship, what you all forgot was that respect is never earned without an atom of love in the content, no matter how small it is, no man or woman will respect you as an individual if they don’t have an atom of love for you, while love they say conquers all Respect holds up the forth,

What happens when love has conquered all, I mean what happens afterwards? The unifying factor I mean?

At first, love makes all things seem perfect, after a while those imperfection that were covered by love begins to manifest itself and only respect at this point in time will keep you both together. Love is a gentle feeling, its comes with natural powers that makes you feel special, you feel loved and cherished, it makes you a happier person but it never make imperfections perfect, after the thrilling effect of love wears out, those things about your partner you had hither to refused to acknowledge comes hunting you, to some extent the burning fire of your love dimes, and if respect is absent in such a relationship, it is only a matter of time before it packs up.

A man or woman can never respect his or her partner without an element of likeness or even love, you cant respect who you can,t develop love for, its in the act of respect that you appreciate people better, you begin to like them and even fall for them in the long run.

How do you explain the fact that a man, who claims to love his wife dearly, raises his hands at the slightest provocation to hit her? This man feels genuine love for his wife no doubt but what he lacks is respect, no man that has respect for his wife will raise his hands on that woman or another woman for that matter because by virtue of his respect for her, he has developed same for women generally.

Respect will always love but love will not always respect, some people are fortunate to have it the other way round, a partner that loves them and has some little respect for them but this is not applicable to all. mostly respect will always come in form of caring, its respect that makes a man even if promiscuous hide his activities from his woman whereas a woman can actually love a man and have the impetus to bring another man to the house to have sex, she tells you its just for the fun of it, nothing attached, and really there may be nothing attached to that action of hers and she may not even realize it will hurt her man when he finds out because she never had respect for him.

When you respect people, you respect all they want, you respect their feelings, you respect their views, you respect their actions, and you respect what they call their dos and don’ts, in the process of which you come to love them, while on the other hand you can love and not be able to respect them, not because you don’t want to but because you don’t know how to, at the early stage this may go unnoticed but when love dimes as I hate to say it dies because I don’t believe it dose, those things you fail to notice, will begin to matter a lot and if care is not taken, may end up destroying the relationship.

So here we are, it’s always …………RESPECT it’s the unifying factor,

Cheers all

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Hey people,

I have something I have been meaning to discuss here or should I say …….share with you all but first, am asking for your opinions and views , so please feel free to air your view without inhibition or whatsoever on this matter.

Here it goes



Put on your thinking hat and let’s hear from you,

Do come back 2weeks from now for a mind blowing revelation.

Best regards,

Ms, Emotions