Wednesday, November 26, 2008

An ailing relationship will always have one or more of the following symptoms

· You have a feeling of continuous frustration about the relationship
· (E.g., your emotional needs are not being met)
· You’re finding more reasons to spend time apart
· You’re being physically abused
· You’re being emotionally abused
· You no longer have strong feelings about your partner but reminisce about the feelings you used to have
· You’ve changed your core values, beliefs and goals to accommodate your partner in hopes that your relationship will no longer be problematic
· You’ve made drastic changes in your appearance hoping your partner will find you more attractive
· You have a growing feeling of emptiness
· You’ve put extreme distance or totally cut off former close relationships you used to have with your other friends and/or family

How to make the final decision...The most pragmatic way is to make a list with two columns. One that lists the positive attributes of your relationship and one that lists the negative. Next, itemize the good and bad parts of your relationship honestly. Sometimes seeing a concrete list where one column is much longer than the other will help you see your situation more objectively hence making it easier to end a relationship that no longer brings you joy and fulfills your needs. Relationships should add to your quality of life—not subtract from it

Thursday, November 20, 2008

His friends………how do they relate with you?

How a man presents you to his friends determines how they treat you yeah? No?

Am of the opinion that from the way a man presents you to his friends you will be able to tell how much he loves you and what he is up to.

Men show their love differently, while some of them are very passionate when they love, some just love, though one may be tempted to say it all about luck, but I strongly believe it has to do with YOU.

Now, in the early days of your relationship, what sort of impression / vibes were you giving out to him when it came to love?

Some of us unknown to us portray ourselves as those not capable of reciprocating love or actually receiving and treasuring love in a bid to prove that we are independent. This is usually seen during the early days of a relationship, those periods when you are bent on ‘making him see the need to stick with you’?

Like I explained in one of my previous posts, a man knows exactly what he wants from you the moment he sets his eyes on you, it dose not really matter how hard you try to win him over, he has an impression already when he approached you, however, he also pays attention to some minor details which serve to either encourage him or discourage him completely. In other words, there really is no need giving out the ‘ice queen’ vibe as this goes along way to determine the kind of love your man will have for you or do I say it goes a long way to determine how sensitive your man will be showing his love.

Your first and subsequent meeting with his friends gives away what he really feels for u, cos, whether you like it or not he has ‘presented’ you to his friends long before you met them.

so always be on your guard when u meet with his friends the very first time, are they very respectful and refrain from all forms of male banters? or otherwise? Do they have this sheepish looks on their faces?

Its ur call, you decide what you do next,

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