Monday, June 15, 2009

Being married really isn’t as scary as some say…..

Every where you go these days, people seem to be singing the same song, saying the same thing, seeing same thing …… horrible marriage is , has become, will become or worse.

I really can’t say there aren’t bad marriages out there, but then there also are beautiful marriages out there. If this is the case, why then do we have so much noise on bad marriages?

are these deliberate attempts at scaring the singles away from marriage by those involved in the so called bad marriages?

are those who feel they can no longer tolerate their marriage hence gone the divorce root trying to justify there actions?

are single girls really looking for excuse to remain single and justify being single?

As I type away, I can’t seem to find an answer that quite fit.

There are beautiful marriages out there to which some can attest to quite alright, but why are we not hearing the good song out loud and clear?

Hmmph ! It’s so much headache having to listen too much to these negative songs when we all know that there are some positive songs out there on marriages even here in Nigeria. Ha ha ha, I had to say it that way cos lately, there seem to be a misconception that happily married couples in Nigeria hardly exist as any which is seen, it is either the woman have to be taking so much shit or is just enduring the marriage itself.

Ms. Emotion is back after taking a necessary leave of absence. Am sorry I vanished the way I did, it was not pre meditated I can tell you. A very big congrats to the mommies in the house and the new mommies to be, no need to mention names now rite? So, I believe every body is doing gr8.

… a very good evening to you all.


Ms. emotions