Thursday, July 17, 2008

Where you meet counts

So, I was thinking, aloud I guess cos I was muttering to myself, didn’t really realize I was doing that, I had an investor right in front of me, I could not wait for him to leave my office, am excited and do you know why?

Ok, I was discussing with one of my gals, she is single and searching, not those single and not searching thingy that most gals claims, she truly is searching.
She is been single and searching and not searching, only to be searching after a few weeks or a month for a while now.

What the gist was all about?

Please my friend, I was saying to her, calm down, relax your nerves and stop looking in the wrong places, I feel your pain but I have always been of the opinion that where you meet your man\woman to a large extent determines the success or otherwise of that relationship. I guess she has not been listening.

Without meaning to be immodest, I have been opportune to discuss a lot of relationship issues with partners, spouses, and have come to the conclusion that where you meet indeed has a role to play in the success or otherwise of your relationship. And I speak not for the fun of it; in fact, all I write and post on this blog are based on people’s experiences, personal, and what I see happening around.

Let’s take a few practical examples; do you expect sincerely to have a successful relationship with a man or woman that wooed you while in a relationship?

Do you seriously think you did be happy and have a good relationship with a girl you picked up at some unknown or indecent clubs\pubs\strip club?

Do you honestly believe that a man you went after in a ‘very obvious to the eye’ manner will propose to you shortly?

How about a man that sits on your street all day waiting for someone to toast? I mean, do you think when he finally toasts you and you have one or two things then you have him for keeps? He won’t go seeking for another?

These are just a few of practical examples, you don’t suppose you will meet and angel good enough for you on a sex website now do you? Or some dirty chat rooms?

No offence meant to anybody but I tell you this, who people perceive you to be is a function most times of where you are found and what you tend to do atimes.

A man or gal in search of fun meets someone in all these places mentioned above, assumes they are there for what he or she is there for and then kicks some fun without strings attached and you seriously believe something decent will come out of it?

Forget it, it dose not work like that,

I really didn’t mean to come out so angry, but these friends of mine are pissing me off with this ‘no taking correction attitude’ of theirs and they expect to change their status shortly…..i hope she listens this time



Thursday, July 3, 2008

Don’t be scared of being alone…….at least……

It is a sweet and wonderful feeling when it’s done right, you even get to enjoy it more when it’s true and original, you tend to float if the feeling is reciprocated, its especially beautiful when you find the right the person to love.

Love is a tender feeling that shouldn’t bring constant sorrow, if you have to worry always about loosing it then it may not be worth it, if it causes you to loose focus then it may not be worth it, then if its not worth it, it definitely is not right for you and if its not right then you have not found your own true love …..Yet

Sometimes it’s okay to be alone, to have a breathing space so as to have a clear head to ascertain if you should go ahead especially if what you call love brings you constant pain.

Be mindful of the attitude of those you claim to love, if they are not constant in their ‘show’ of love for you, I mean if they blow hot and cold then may be you need to be alone ….at least for while to determine if its worth keeping after all.
Being in love and in a relationship shouldn’t be a competition, don’t be in a rush to leave your solitude, be careful those you choose to love that they may be those worthy of your love.

I know what am talking about when I tell you to be mindful of the love that brings you sorrow, you may be surprised to find that this particular love is not for you, if you can be alone for a bit, if you can wait a little, be alone for a while without being scared and rushed, you did find your own true love….that I promise you and its always worth the wait

Be weary of those men that tells you that men are not suppose to be as passionate as women in love, it’s a two way street dear, your own true love will indeed be passionate when you find it, it will be worth waiting for, It will teach you what love is, the idea is, not forcing it, don’t torment yourself unnecessarily, if it aren’t love then, it cant be like it.

My one kobo,