Friday, May 30, 2008

love and reality........


Love is friendship that has “caught” fire overtime while infatuation is an instant fire or an instant desire.
It becomes dangerous to differentiate love and infatuation in the early stage of a relationship, say in the first few weeks of a relationship. This is the stage I like to call the “formation stage”. Needless to say that love its self starts with a strong sexual attraction for the opposite sex – a strong sexual attraction itself can be called infatuation hence the difficulty is discerning what you feel within the first to few weeks of starting a relationship.

What I call the formation stage is that period where a man tries to discover what he feels for you or what he wants to do with you. This is the stage where if its love, he starts developing some sorta emotional attachment to you which in no time blossoms into love, while if he is just sexually interested he acts so obvious that it isn’t hard for you to tell that he is infatuated.

After about a month of being in a relationship with a man, you must be able to look out for the signs that tells u what he feels for you, is it love or infatuation? Your inner instinct will tell you.

If a man is infatuated, as a lady, you will be able to tell by accessing how he acts when you are together. Is he always looking forward to ending it in intimacy? Always wanting to ‘get it’ from you? Is that all he looks forward to each time you are together, if yes, the guy is only sexually attracted to you which in most cases is termed infatuation. This though is not the end of the world really as most guys find sexual attraction coming on strong to them before love dose. in essence, a guy sexually attracted to you can turn around and feel deep love for you in the long run. But the fear is that he may just remain infatuated and overtime just like the attraction dies a natural death and he takes off.

Love on the other hand takes a root and grows one day at a time, if a guy is in love with you, each time you are together he feel quite relaxed and always is on the look out for fun and exciting activities u can involve yourselves while you are together. He is more interested in things that affects and matters to you and how they affect you. Love they say lights up a man so much so that you really will not have to ask if he loves or loves you not.

Love and reality
Ms emotions preaches love and cant help being happy when she sees those that are genuinely in love however, reality/practicality should be the watch word when it comes to love and relationships

Sometimes we are blinded by the feeling explained above that we tend to make hasty decisions,

You want so much to be in a relationship that you don’t mind giving up your source of livelihood to be with your significant other even when you don’t have other means of survival, how practical is this? is he or she able to sustain you in the long run?

You so much want to be in a relationship with the one you claim to love that you don’t mind being with someone you know quite alright you can’t have a future together but u did rather go on hoping a miracle happens. how real are u?

You are with perhaps a man you cloth and feed with no future prospects yet you hang on so as to be in a relationship, is this practical? How long do u hope to go on with this?

A guy or a gal is presently enjoying some benefits being with you, its obvious these benefits might cease when they no longer are with u and you ask them, do u love me? Of course yes! What else do u expect? Cut off the benefits and you definitely will get the true answer.


All am tryin to say here is that you guard your love and always be practical in loving, take your time so that when you finally are in love it will be worth the wait.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008


6 quirks about Ms.emmotions

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Here we go,

I like knowing wats going on in everybody’s love life..well those around me… u know like knowin if there is anything I can do to improve on it and blah blah..its actually a weaknesss

Ms.emmotions cant stop talking about relationship issues….nah ! she cant help it

She is very secretive…well not so very secretive ,, just like saying things only when am 100% sure about them

She is a very free person and get irritated by people with attitude problem

am most likely to converse with u in pidgin unless in a corporate environment or when I want u to know the money spent on my education by my parents wasn’t wasted …lol

I get infuriated by sloppy people, act or action….my mum thinks am impatient..really bad she says

I don’t know who to tag yet, stil thinking…..

So sorry I been away, really had some personal stuff I had to take kare of, I appreciate all of your love and most gr8ful I am.

will post something shortly

Ms emmotions

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


So florida finally succeeded in taggin me, am not sure I even know what it means but will defianately do something about it, just wondering how I can be truthful while maintaining my anonymity status …

So you finally have a new catch, what shouldn’t you do?

1 .Please people, the first thing you need to know is you should get rid of all those relationship advice you either have heard or read, it messes things up, so don’t number one is FORGET the relationship jargons you gathered previously or better still apply wisdom.

2. Don’t you start playing hard to get again after you ve said YES, leave yourself to enjoy the flow, laugh all you want, call when you feel like it, fart if you want, you are asked out on a date? Go if you have the time, enjoy it, feel free to tell your likes and dislikes, have Fun, and enjoy it while you have it.

3. Don’t forget that ones a person genuinely likes you and or your personality they will keep hanging around you, they disappear only when you don’t suit their need ( they may be looking for a fucc buddie….borrowed term from Soupasexy, lol)

4. Don’t appear desperate please, forget all the factors considered, let the relationship decide for itself if its has come to stay or not ( you do this by doing all what No. 2 says, the guy or gal decides if you are what they want or not and its best if they did that on time, it saves you the hassles of hanging on for unnecessary long period of time say 3month and above)

5. Don’t compromise or become overtly agreeable to things you don’t like so as to keep him or her in the early days of a relationship, you might end up having to deal with this always.

6.Don’t bare your baggage yet, you know telling how badly you been dealt with by the male or female folks? Please leave this out until the faith of the relationship is determined.

7. Don’t play dumb here, find out if this person has an existing significant other, snoop if you have to, and remember a guy or gal that cheats on a significant other to be with you will definitely cheat on you to be with another, in fact you they may want you just for distraction.

8. again, don’t play dumb, call at all possible odd times to substantiate 7 above, don’t accept the ‘ mama says no guys or gals in the house’ line, it’s a line from the ‘playing’ booklet, don’t fall for it !

9. Don’t ignore you intuition here, don’t ignore warnings from friends, if 89 people from your 100 fans is of the opinion he or she is bad , plzzzzzzzz be on your guard

10. Don’t mix it up, ones someone is right for you, you definitely will know, somehow you did feel right about them, it’s that simple, in your heart of hearts, you probably know when you are wrong or right, just might not be ready to accept it ...yet.