Sunday, December 16, 2012

I overheard someone saying ' Nigerian men are so unfaithful'

I could not help myself, i had to laugh cos it sounded so funny to me, in fact it sounded a little crazy, u know, like the lady was mad.

i have said this times without number, sometimes people pretend not to know or not to understand, it is not about the fact that he is a Nigerian , No, its just that men will cheat at some point in their life, be it a Nigerian or European and NO, its not because you are ugly, far from it, its just because they will.

Ha ! I dont understand it myself

some people are delusional, they say ' my man has never cheated on me, he will never cheat on me,its only African men that cheat'

I laugh, not because its funny because you either have not caught him or the opportunity has not presented itself.

A Couple celebrated their 20 years of marriage, the wife went 'he is such a wonderful man, a loving husband and a great father and above all faithful, his friend behind muttered , yea because you never catch am. i laughed

its me again,
am back, am grown, more matured, more in love and loved, only because i understand. its me, Ms. emotions